The traditional school system teaches you a second language in a specific way. It is theory-heavy and spiked with many, referring to students, really boring and dry methods. Besides dry and boring they are unnatural and most importantly, barely effective. After school, an intermediate person is able to read and write the basics in this new language. Having fluent conversations is a totally different story. People that only had one resource, the mandatory school, struggle in understanding and speaking, especially with native speakers.

This led Orson, the inventor of the LEWINS System, to fill that gap. To learn a second language as effortless and effective as everybody learned their native language!

The result was a platform that combines speaking and understanding with native speakers. This method is called a language exchange.

There are websites/apps on the market that serves that purpose.

Those are great but lacks some small, but still severe features.

First is that absolute beginners can’t take full advantage out of it and require additional resources.

Next point is that those apps barely consider connecting like-minded persons. And we all agree that a conversation with somebody that shares mutual interests is way more effective than speaking to a random person with whom we have nothing in common.

The third point is that daily calls might not be possible due to the timezone that differs under certain circumstances 4, 5, 6 hours, or even more!

LEWINS took those three factors into consideration:

Absolutely beginners get a special feature to save the most common words effortlessly in their long term memory (link audio beginner)

The precise search was invented to connect people with the same interests. People who most definitely becomes friends over time. The motivation boost you earn as you become a team is priceless. (Link search engine)

People who can‘t call daily, benefit also from that audio files library (link intermediate)

The main service should be accessible for anybody, that's why it's completely free to search, chat and call! This enables you, and many others to find their very own LEWIN!

In a nutshel:

LEWINS was invented for people to improve their speaking and understanding skills. Wrapped with the natural approach that shows no love for boring theory or unnecessary not real-life-conform stuff. Learning from native speakers that share the same interests to accomplish the goal of being fluent fast and effortless!